At Home Portraits: Alyssa

My At Home Portrait project has slowed down on output, but I'm starting to think of it in more serious terms. It's been fun to catch up with friends and meet new people, and I feel like the back stories behind them are worth sharing, writing about and appreciating.

The first person to volunteer for this series was my friend Alyssa. When we met up at her apartment she'd just moved in, but was into working with the chaos. We shot a lot of film while I was there, and I think almost all of the film managed to get messed up somehow. Between incorrectly exposed slide film to extremely expired medium format film, the results were wild and beautiful. 

When a photo shoot goes far longer than anybody anticipated and nobody notices you know it's a fun one. A big thanks to Alyssa for being the first to volunteer as tribute and kick off a great little project.