Cathy and Greg

Well, my season has ended and it's been a great one. I've had the opportunity to photograph some amazing weddings for some excellent people, and the last one of the year was no different. As the first booking I made last year, it felt somehow appropriate to have it be my last wedding of this year.  

I shot Cathy and Greg's engagement photos last October and have been excited for this wedding ever since. They made my job fun as can be by being a breeze to photograph and inviting some absolutely lovely friends and family. The venue was spectacular and worked perfectly with the mild overcast clouds. It was a convergence of a whole lot going right at the same time. What I'm saying is I had a really, really good time and made some photos that I'm incredibly proud of. 

Not to jinx anything, but I'm exiting this year with high hopes for the next one. I'm looking forward to trying new things, meeting great people, and photographing great memories.