Some Stuff I've Been Up To

So apparently a thing I like to do with my blog is just never update the thing at all ever. This is problematic, and I'm sorry. I've let us all down. The good news is that looking back I actually have a few different things I can talk about between then and now. 

First off, I got to shoot the Spring and Summer look books for Both were shot with real women who would be wearing those dresses and they were delightful to work with. Both were also shot in awesome locations that give me a glimpse of what commercial photography can be. 

I shot a couple portraits as well. One was a simple headshot  that turned out very beautifully in my opinion. Simple black and white with window lighting is classic for a reason.

Next was a last-minute fun shoot with my friend Nana at the Albany bulb. Unfortunately I had a cancellation and she came in and helped me make use of the beautiful location and sunset. 

Last on my headshot journey was a couple photos for some friends of mine. Basic, nice-looking photos for professional use can turn into something a lot more interesting when you throw in a huge, comfy chair and an interestingly-colored wall. Pure authority, in my opinion.

Finally, I got to shoot some photos for All Terrain Theater. I was brought in to take some photos of one of the final rehearsals during the lead up to opening night. Being allowed to set up lights is always a treat, especially when I'm allowed full use of the space and around people who will consistently emote. 

Of course Ive also been shooting street photography like crazy as always and have a wedding coming up later this month, so I'll have something to post about then. If I get around to it. Sorry.