I'm Not A Specialist And To H-ck With Branding

It seems like one of the commonly accepted nuggets of Branding Wisdom from the commercial photographer marketing huckster is that you have to specialize. If you want to be a wedding a photographer, only put that on your website. Fashion photographers should forego all else. Maybe have a link to a separate portfolio in a forgotten corner of your page. Maybe. But your website should shout one note and one note only.

It's a damn shame, if you ask me. Photography isn't divided into discrete disciplines. Light is light, movement is movement, and a scene is great weather it's on the street, on set, or in a reception hall. Just because I practice one thing doesn't mean what I learn won't translate to anything else. 

I consider myself something of a street photographer. Normally, that's a fine art pursuit. It's taking candids of strangers in an effort to elevate the mundane into something beautiful and artistic. I also love to shoot portraits. I love using lighting and mood to bring out emotion in the subject and the viewer. This sounds an awful lot like wedding photography if you ask me.  

There's something to be said for showing the full breadth of one's abilities and vision when they're trying to sell themselves. If a potential client only sees one facet, they could be missing out on something far more interesting and deep, and to me that's just criminal. If people are looking for something standard they probably won't care about what I do anyways. Why not give people a more complete view of who I am? I'm a wedding/street/event/fine art/portrait/product/occasional bad landscape photographer, and I'll proudly nail those colors to the mast. If that's not selling myself, so be it.