What a Rad couple of days for my Brand

It's been a great few days over at Wry Towers. Exhausting, but most excellent. 

Saturday started off with a last-minute request by a neighbor to take some photos of her kids. They're adorable twins who are never seen in non-matching outfits.



I'm really not much for photographing children, but it's really awesome when they look cute for the camera. Also they require like zero retouching. Bonus.

Saturday night I got to take pictures at a party for one of Kat's coworkers. It was all pretty basic event photos for the most part. I set up my light and took some Photo Booth type pictures and ate a pice of cake. Then the lights went off and the dance party started and I got to do some flash/shutter dragging, which is a whole ton of fun.

Saturday I woke up extra early (7am is terrible if you're used to working at night) for a photo shoot in Golden Gate Park. My friend Rachel is working on a project for fall and needs some promo shots. 

Finally on Monday I did some head shots for local opera singer Lara Patton. We went to Mountain View Cemetery and came up on way too many great backgrounds to use. After the last month of owning a portable strobe setup I'm a total believer in it. i'm starting to get a grasp on how to make photos like I think they should be made and that's very exciting. 

I'd be absolutely overjoyed if every weekend were like this weekend.