Why I Black Out Logos

I often get asked why I tape over the logos on my cameras. I think it has has to do with a with the weird mix of confidence and insecurity that my photography inhabits. 

Most people see a big, sturdy SLR and automatically assume it must be great. It is, but I find that other photographers seem to have the notion that if it isn't the latest and greatest it's not worth anything. Clearly this is a false notion, but every now and again I fall into the trap of feeling like I need the best and latest. Something as reliant on technology as photography requires a certain level of gear, and it's easy to see big shiny logos on other people's gear and subconsciously conclude that the reason they have great photos is because of their great equipment. 

I feel like taping over the logos and identifying marks turns a technological showpiece into a generic tool, and I'd rather think of my camera as a useful object than get worked up over tech specs. I don't have the latest and greatest. What I have is a nice, well-rounded setup that allows me to deliver photos that I can be proud of. I have equipment that will get out of my way and let me be a photographer and not a camera operator. By taking away the shininess I'm taking away the power of someone else's branding and getting it out of the way of my own.

these are photos by Rob, not Canon. This is My Camera, not a 5D.