Red Scale Film For Fun And Basically Just Fun

I've been using Lomography Redscale Cross-Process film lately. It's been mostly for fun when I'm assisting on model shoots. Using old cameras and weird film really helps create something unique and unpredictable, so I'm all for it. It gets a little dodgy and unreliable sometimes, but pushing a film to the point it's falling apart is incredibly fun and makes the successful shots that much better. 

Yeah, I think I'll keep using this stuff. 

Cathy and Greg

Well, my season has ended and it's been a great one. I've had the opportunity to photograph some amazing weddings for some excellent people, and the last one of the year was no different. As the first booking I made last year, it felt somehow appropriate to have it be my last wedding of this year.  

I shot Cathy and Greg's engagement photos last October and have been excited for this wedding ever since. They made my job fun as can be by being a breeze to photograph and inviting some absolutely lovely friends and family. The venue was spectacular and worked perfectly with the mild overcast clouds. It was a convergence of a whole lot going right at the same time. What I'm saying is I had a really, really good time and made some photos that I'm incredibly proud of. 

Not to jinx anything, but I'm exiting this year with high hopes for the next one. I'm looking forward to trying new things, meeting great people, and photographing great memories. 

A Big Thanks For A Great Year

As I type this, my wedding season has wrapped up less than a week ago. I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for a great year. I've had the privilege of shooting some fantastic weddings for some truly lovely people. I've been able to try new things, round out my equipment, and add some work to my portfolio that I'm insanely proud of. 

Here's to 2016 being great, and 2017 being even better. Salut! 

At Home Portraits: Alyssa

My At Home Portrait project has slowed down on output, but I'm starting to think of it in more serious terms. It's been fun to catch up with friends and meet new people, and I feel like the back stories behind them are worth sharing, writing about and appreciating.

The first person to volunteer for this series was my friend Alyssa. When we met up at her apartment she'd just moved in, but was into working with the chaos. We shot a lot of film while I was there, and I think almost all of the film managed to get messed up somehow. Between incorrectly exposed slide film to extremely expired medium format film, the results were wild and beautiful. 

When a photo shoot goes far longer than anybody anticipated and nobody notices you know it's a fun one. A big thanks to Alyssa for being the first to volunteer as tribute and kick off a great little project. 

Violette and Brandon

This year finds me traveling a bit for weddings. Granted, part of it has to do with my recent move, but my recent trek to Big Trees State Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains would have been quite a haul no matter where I was coming from. This was definitely one of the more impressive ceremony locations I've seen. The altar was an enormous sequoia that lent an air of permanence, natural beauty and enormity to the event. 

Dispatches From TLR Summer

I recently got to assist on a small photo shoot with an awesome LA photographer and managed to squeeze in a few frames during down time. I was able to use some weird redscale film for one of the models, and I'm really excited at the prospect of doing more with it.